Fund Safety

Your trading funds are received by Davinci institutional accounts at Bank of America and Wing Lung Bank, and transactions are liquidated through Barclays Bank, CMEGroup, Saxobank, UBS, Lmax and other institutions

  • Guarantee 1. Internationally renowned trading platform

    The investment account is set up in the MT4 official trading platform of the MSG group in Australia , which deals with international well - known trading platforms such as the Barclays Bank Exchange, the CME Group Commodity Exchange , and the Bank Baosheng Bank , so as to ensure the absolute safety of the inflow and outflow of funds .

  • Guarantee 2. Automatic close-loop fund system

    After the user recharges the funds will enter the global trading market automatically through the fund management bank, the capital enters and leaves the entire closed chain system to complete automatically, eliminates the artificial contact fund opportunity, realizes the fund channel really zero risk.

  • Guarantee 3. Quick withdrawal of bank clearing

    Customers in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, Europe, Australia and other countries are expected to take 3-5 working days according to the international clearing efficiency regulations of local Banks, consult customer service for details.

Warm tip: Show Gold audit time depending on the circumstances, Leonardo DAVINCI customer service staff may contact you to verify identity information, your cooperation can speed up the progress of the audit.